Photo: An ambulance of the Anadarko company that was also attacked

Anadarko caravan attacked by 15 masked men in Mozambique

By Arnaldo Cuamba

Photo: An ambulance of the Anadarko company that was also attacked
Photo: An ambulance of the Anadarko company that was also attacked

A caravan with technicians and workers from Anadarko attacked by 15 masked armed men dressed in black on the road linking the village of Mocímboa da Praia and Afungi in the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, where the American company prepares land for the exploration of Gas from 2022.

The attack was recorded at 5 pm local time on Thursday, 21. It is unknown who the attackers are, but are suspected of being linked to the group that since October 2017 has terrorized the province with extremist attacks.

An Anarkarko note seen by Pan African Visions confirms the occurrence and says that at least four workers were injured and are already receiving treatment and “are not in danger of life.”

“We received information that a caravan was attacked on the road from Mocímboa da Praia to Afungi around 5:00 p.m. The incident has ceased and we are working to check the situation of all staff, ” the note said.

According to unconfirmed reports, the men had placed barricades on the road, and when the four caravan cars stopped, they began firing.

The company says it is “working to gather information” and “actively monitor the situation” while “we are in close contact with government authorities to ensure that the necessary measures are taken to protect project employees . ”

Police Spokesman in Cabo Delgado, Augusto Guta, told Pan African Visions on Friday morning that his team is still gathering data and will, as soon as possible, provide more details.

This is the first known attack targeting companies involved in gas projects. Anadarko is one of the global companies investing billions of dollars to exploit major gas reserves discovered off Mozambique’s northeastern coast.

The attack comes at a time when Anadarko has just announced the closing of contracts with gas buyers in the Asian market, which gives it the conditions to be able to issue its Final Investment Decision shortly.

In early February the company launched a public tender for the acquisition of a fleet of six armored vehicles for the natural gas project in northern Mozambique.

The announcement seen by Pan African Visions  says that interested parties must provide vehicles that must comply with the B6 specification, capable of stopping a projectile from a 7.62mm caliber machine gun, in the case of an AK-47, as well as from the management service of fleet.

The text included in the announcement stated that there was an “immediate need” to obtain the vehicles in order to “guarantee the necessary preparations for the activities to take place in the north of Mozambique.”




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