President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe:As President Mnangagwa Meditates On Economy Head-Ache, Military Dictatorship Spreads Wings.

By Nevson Mpofu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe is currently a Fiscal Military State. This is a State which uses a model on sustainment of the Army.  The truth is substantiated by high taxes introduced. There is no doubt that Terrorism Financing is taking place owing attention to the fact that many activities done by the Army are not self-sustaining since it is not business . They are in fact sustained by taxes.

The country is moving slowly to a war economy where civil strife is ignited by economic factors like on the rising prices pushed as well by MDC sabotage, purported sanctions of Britain and the struggle for land between ZANU-PF PARTY and Britain..

Military Junta is confirmed the situation looking at the structure of Former Army Leaders taking control. Military Junta is a committee of Military Leaders .Zimbabwean soldiers are on it continuously terrorising the public as the post aftermath of the recent mayhem fades slowly. Despite that, soldiers deployed are taking two responsibilities first to control for the sake of peace.

Secondly , they are exercising excessive powers in front of Mnangagwa and the four other Leaders who are formerly military people , Constantine Chiwenga Vice President , Perence Shiri the Minister of Agriculture , Sibusiso Moyo Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations and Valerio Sibanda , the General Army Commander  . Military Dictatorship is where by the Army has all the powers in a country.

Deployed soldiers have shouldered powers unto themselves in the whole country. In a bid to find out why this is happening, Army bosses and some Leaders in power are reneging on the back seat of the case. However, several sources spoke out.

Paddington Japa-Japa a close source with Pan-African pointed out in anger recently that Army had lost roles, mandates and responsibilities. Soldiers have turned to behave like they are in Civil war, worse still colonial, civil conflicts and political displacements.

‘’It looks like the country is at war. Soldiers are taking advantage of the fact that they removed Mugabe and allowed Mnangagwa to rule of which they take him lightly.

.‘’Mnangagwa looks like to have a little or no voice at all. Soldiers, riot police and city council security people are beating people, confiscating people’s goods and harassing them.

‘’Soldiers are ill-treating beer guzzlers , young people in gangs and some people believed and suspected to be violators of the Law ‘’.


The country is in fiscal military state according to a source with the Government .He exhumes secret information now subject to search by the Pan-African. The source talked of a fiscal military state which is dominant in the Accounts of the State secret budgets.

‘’Remember, Mnangagwa was pushed in by the Army. How then can he ignore the Army? Have you heard of Army on strike and stay-away. They are not allowed but in such a situation, they can do.

‘’Many civil servants are in tears. They strike and try to push for change, yet Army plays no role. Soldiers are given promised benefits and salaries earlier than all civil servants’’, says the source.’’

The source pointed out that there is truth that the Government is taking more from some public through fiscal policies which wreck in more excessive high tax from the people. The source said on that there is money of the people sustaining Government ‘Army projects.

He ended by concluding that there is no doubt that the country is a Military State. He said there is more evidence like the one of soldiers given to control in hospitals and some Government sectors where there is post-chaos trauma in the ordinary people. This has happened during Doctors strike and when teachers threatened striking.

Zimbabwe is on a thorny path since there is no peace in the country. The economy continues to bleed as prices are rising every day. The country has been turned away its re-proposal to enter the Commonwealth. Investors are no- longer interested to invest in such a country with noise every-day.




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