Cameroon Anglophone Refugees in Ikang Receive Help from CHRI

Cameroon Anglophone Refugees in Ikang Receive Help from CHRI

The Anglophone Refugees in Ikang, Nigeria on Monday 7th January were excited as help reached them from Cameroon Humanitarian Relief Initiative (CHRI).The Refugees received a consignment of 25 bags of garri, 20 bags of rice, 15 bags of salt, 100 blankets, 120 sachets of Soyaplus and 5 delivery kits.

The Soyaplus was given out to pregnant women, nursing mothers, little children and all malnutrition cases that were among the Refugees while the blankets were given to all the vulnerable families like those with tender children, pregnant women and the elderly. Five pregnant women benefited from the delivery kits (emergency bags).
Everyone went home with scoops of rice, beans and a big sachet of salt each.

Along side the relief distribution, our missionary sisters accompanied us where they consulted and gave out drugs to over 200 Refugees at no charge on the Refugees. One of the children who could not walk well because of deformity on the leg was offered a corrective shoe to help adjust the leg.

We had an NGO there called “Save the Community Foundation”, who learned of our coming and decided to come along with us to facilitate our work of distribution and keeping order.

Interestingly, when we arrived there we realized the Red Cross was already on site to help facilitate the same relief effort as they told us that it is their duty whenever there is any relief effort for the community.
So a total of 193 Households and 984 Individuals were served yesterday.

We had the police and immigration officers who were there to give us security and order in the process of distribution.We also gave out belated Christmas gifts of biscuits and small Hollandia yoghorts to over 200 children.

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