MRC Leader Maurice Kamto

Cameroon: Kamto sues Cameroon to AU over Anglophone crisis, Electoral Fraud

By Boris Esono (Cameroon)

MRC Leader Maurice Kamto
MRC Leader Maurice Kamto

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) Maurice Kamto has filed a petition against the government of Cameroon at the African Union (AU) over the ongoing crisis in the two English speaking regions of the country and what he termed electoral fraud.

The leader has been calling on the AU to order the recount of last year’s presidential election as he continues to reject the results from the constitutional council. Last year, the constitutional council proclaimed the incumbent President Paul Biya as winner with a landslide victory with 71.28% of the votes. Maurice Kamto was in 2nd position with 14%.

The filling of a lawsuit was the main reason for his trip to Addis Ababa on November 16 during the extraordinary summit of the AU.

It should be noted that prior to the pronouncement of the results by the constitutional council, Maurice Kamto had declared that he was the winner of the election.

Speaking during a press conference at his party’s Headquarters in Yaounde, Maurice Kamto confirmed he was indeed in Addis Ababa to file a petition against the Cameroon government during the AU Summit.

He said the AU session could not look into the matter due to the limited time they had to discuss a wide range of issues but promised to put the issue on the table during the next ordinary session.

“I will inform (the press) on the outcome of the petition when the AU tables the matter, whether positive or negative”.

He however frowned at the AU for ignoring happenings in Cameroon for the past years but quick to react in other countries when similar situations arise. He said: “I expect the AU to send a delegation to Cameroon to investigate war crimes in the North West and South West Regions but nothing has happened so far and people continue to die every day”.

Speaking to Olivier Bibou Nissack, spokesman for Maurice Kamto, in an earlier conversation, he said: “the main goal of the party is the NRP (National Resistance Plan) with the aim of restoring the truth of the last 7 October presidential election. That truth is that Maurice Kamto was not made president out of fraud”. “….As CRM is concerned, the page is still open on the fight against the electoral hold-up of the victory of H.E. Maurice Kamto. That is why our actions today are focus on it”.






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