Opposition leader Fru Ndi

Cameroon: Opposition Leader Fru Ndi reiterates calls for inclusive Dialogue as solution to Anglophone crisis

By Boris Esono Nwenfor (Cameroon)

The National chairman of the Social Democratic Front Party, (SDF) Ni John Fru Ndi says the solution to the present Anglophone crisis going on in Cameroon is for there to be an inclusive dialogue.  The chairman made the revelation during an interview with Pan African Visions.

Responding to questions on the Anglophone crisis, Mr. Fru Ndi said; “The crisis at the moment is very horrible and bad. They are wicked on the Anglophones. For a head of state to declare war on his people is not something I can smile at. They only issue I have is that some of the children have turned their selves to be arm robbers. So the Anglophone cause is not being fought the way it was supposed to be fought-as they have started abducting people, killing others and seizing monies”.

According to a December 2018 report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, insecurity and violence have forced more than 400,000 people to flee their homes and continue to have serious consequences on livelihoods and living conditions. Around 351,000 IDPs and 372,000 people in the host community need water, sanitation and hygiene services.

Many of the conflict-hit population are suffering severe emotional stress. About 3,700 unaccompanied or separated children need urgent assistance and psycho-social care.

The SDF chairman further posited that when he protested these atrocities, one of the so-called “Amba” called him and said they will deal with him as they have been following his interviews. “They (Amba) have abducted my brother/sister, burnt my compound in the village, set fire on the compound here, and stolen my cows in about four ranches, so I should keep quite because they are Amba. These Amba I will not support”.

He went on to say the Anglophone cause is very dear to his heart because in the unity, they came in on equal basis. “We did not come in as subordinates to be looked upon. So I condemn in very strong terms what Mister Biya and his Ministers are rendering on the Anglophones”. “Our children are being slaughtered, people who are innocent they will break your door, take you outside and shoot you. Now they have put so much fear that when children see security forces they start running”.

“A case in point is one that happened in Ntarikun, North West Region, where there were four children, three ran and one stood. They (security forces) came and shot this boy. So this is what we are going through and I condemn it with the strongest word”, Fru Ndi added.

On if his numerous letters to the Head of State has had any feedback, Mr. Fru Ndi said: “No feedback and he (President Biya) is just adamant. The last one I wrote I made a statement to him that can you sign what the teachers and lawyers agreed with the Prime Minister so that everyone can go back to work. Mr. Biya was adamant and instead declares war on and is fighting the war now”.

On the upcoming Municipal and Legislative Elections, he said the President of Cameroon wants to fraud it, win it, as that is what he did in the last presidential election. “We knew but we thought God might touch his heart to change certain things but he has instead gotten worse”.

“How can I come to the South West and campaign? The Governor of the SW was attacked en route to Kumba with all the protection from the security forces. Even the mountain race was very militarized right up to the mountain; if we are going out to talk to people about the upcoming elections, who will be protecting who and how?” He posited

He added: “Most of the ELECAM offices in Buea have been closed and it is the case all over the North West and South West Regions. How do we get people now to register and vote or those who had already registered, how do you get them to vote”?

“I cannot start talking to people about election when I am not very sure of what we are doing. But if Mr. Biya calms down and things calm down, I want to call on Cameroonians that when we started the 1990, we wanted to change the country through the ballot box, but since that didn’t walk, if things are back to normal let them come out and vote as we believe in the political option”.

“West Cameroon pulled out of the Lagos house of assembly to the East house of assembly it was a political decision, if they pulled out of the East house of assembly to the West Cameroon house of assembly was a political decision. When they went to join the East house of assembly it was a political decision”.




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