President Paul Biya

Cameroon President summoned before the Senate

By Amos Fofung

President Paul Biya
President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya has been summoned to appear before the Cameroonian senate and provide answers on issues relating to his handling of the Anglophone Crisis that has for three years now ravaged the Country’s North West and South West regions.

Opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF Senator, Henry Kemende Gamsey, has through the president of the senate, sent questions to President Biya demanding oral answers before the legislative chamber.

The questions are the substance of a letter dated March 11, 2019 wherein the Senator referencing laid down laws, urges the president to provide oral answers to his questions.

In the document, the lawyer cum senator, writes, “your Excellency Mr. President, before declaring the ongoing war against the ‘terrorists masking as secessionists’ (to use your own words) in the North West and South West regions on the 30th day of November 2017, what measures did you take to distinguish between those who hitherto carried out peaceful protest and those who took up arms?”

Kemende, in his second question, wants Biya to clarify the nation on measures taken or those being taken to distinguish between separatists’ fighters and civilian populations in line with the state’s duty of protecting lives and property.

In a third question, he writes: “Out of the more than 200 villages burnt down in the North West and South West regions, and thousands of civilians killed, all allegedly by the so-called terrorists, how many of such affected populations and families have been visited by Your Excellency or your representatives as was promptly with the case in Bangourin in the West region?”

The presidency is yet to reply to the message as it remains uncertain if the 86-years-old president will honor the summoned to appear before members of the Upper House of Parliament.




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