V.P MRC women's wing Michel Ndoki shot while demonstrating in Douala

Cameroon: Security forces open fire on MRC Protesters

By Boris Esono Nwenfor (Cameroon)

V.P MRC women's wing Michel Ndoki shot while demonstrating in Douala
V.P MRC women’s wing Michel Ndoki shot while demonstrating in Douala

Security forces in Douala opened fire on demonstrators of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC who took to the street in a peaceful protest to call for an end to the Anglophone crisis, and electoral hold-up.

Two members of the party, Celestin Djamen and Barrister Michel Ndoki were shot Saturday January 27, 2019 as police tried to disperse protesters.

Michel Ndoki, lawyer and vice President of the Women’s wing of the party confirmed she had been shot four times on the leg on Saturday morning as she led scores of protesters in the street. Meantime, Celestin Djamen was equally shot on the leg as he took part in the demonstration.

Kamto had called for nationwide protests against what he calls electoral hold-up, swindling of AFCON funds and the government’s failure to end to the ongoing crisis in the South West and North West Regions.

“The time is now or never”, Kamto told protesters who gathered to listen to him as he urged them to brave fear and come out in their numbers. He equally said he was willing to pay the ultimate price to free Cameroon and told protesters that there is no turning back in “our journey to freedom”.

Shock waves were equally felt in Baffoussam, in the West Region as thousands of protesters hid to the call made by their leader for a peaceful demonstration. Anti-riot police are said to have used teargas to disperse protesters as some were arrested.

It is reported that Maurice Kamto paid a visit to the injured at the hospital to take stock of the situation. The leader continues to protest last year’s presidential election that saw incumbent President Biya winning with a landslide victory.

According to Kamto, exit polls put him as the winner of the election. At the international level, Kamto has called on the AU not to recognize the results proclaimed by the constitutional council.

Speaking during a press conference in Yaounde, government’s spokesman Rene Emmanuel Sadi said security forces were professional in handling the demonstration and indicating that “no live bullets” were used to disperse the protesters.

The incident comes barely a few days after an almost similar situation took place in Douala as two prominent politicians of the SDF Party Joshua Osih and Michel Nintcheu were arrested by security forces. These politicians were equally leading a peaceful demonstration calling for the government to give account on why the 2019 AFCON was withdrawn from Cameroon.

The leader of the MRC has equally announced another demonstration in Yaounde on January 29, 2019.




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