Maurice Kamto, Leader of Cameroon Renaissance Movement

Cameroon:Eight Charges Levied against Kamto and Co.

By Boris Esono Nwenfor (Cameroon)

Maurice Kamto, Leader of Cameroon Renaissance Movement
Maurice Kamto, Leader of Cameroon Renaissance Movement

Some eight charges have been brought before the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM Maurice Kamto who was arrested and detained by security forces last Monday January 27, 2019.

Kamto who is being held at the Groupement Spécial d’Opération, GSO was interrogated on Wednesday January 30 after he rebuffed attempts by security officers on Tuesday insisting that he must see his lawyers first.

According to a group of defence lawyers, Maurice Kamto is being charged with hostility against the Fatherland, Insurrection, group rebellion, public disorder amongst others. It was reported earlier that Kamto refused an attempt to gain freedom insisting that those arrested must be liberated too before he can.

It should be recalled that security forces in Douala opened fire on demonstrators of the party who took to the street in a peaceful protest to call for an end to the Anglophone crisis, and electoral hold-up.

Michel Ndoki, lawyer and vice President of the Women’s wing of the party confirmed she had been shot four times on the leg on Saturday morning as she led scores of protesters in the street. Meantime, Celestin Djamen was equally shot on the leg as he took part in the demonstration.

Many politicians and inhabitants have condemned the arrest. According to Akere Muna, “in this unfortunate attempt to show strength we discover a government too weak to dialogue, too incompetent to understand the cry of its people. The greed of the oligarchs who have captured this state is pushing them towards self-destruction.

The protest across the country led to over 100 persons arrested by security forces. According to government’s spokesman, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, 62 persons were arrested and detained in Yaounde, 42 in Baffoussam, 13 in Mbouda and 7 arrested and taken to the headquarters of the CRM in Douala.





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