Dennis Jali is making very ambitious projections for 1st million dollars

Dennis Jali On Creating Millionaires Through Ownership

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Dennis Jali is making very ambitious projections for 1st million dollars
Dennis Jali is making very ambitious projections for 1st million dollars

Buoyed by another successful year in business, 1st Million Dollars, a Smart Partners LLC company is looking into the future with great optimism. Led by Dennis Jali, a seasoned Forex Trader, the company is changing lives with its unique business approach of putting the customer first.

“We believe that our reputation should match up with the customer service and a customer experience, to that one individual, and if that individual is satisfied, it’s going to be easier to take the brand to the next person,” says Dennis Jali  in an interview with PAV.

You are a familiar name in the world of Forex trading, first what is Forex trading and how did you get into the business?

So, Forex Trading is the trading of the economies between different currencies or different Countries reflected in the currencies  those countries  use to buy and sell. For instance, the currency for The US is the US dollar and the currency for the UK is the British pound and those two currencies are nothing but just a reflection of the economies of those two countries and that is constantly changing every now and then. So, it is actually tradable.

 Let’s talk about some of the companies you run notably my 1st Million, what is the company all about?

My first Million Dollars  was inspired by helping our churches, helping our believers to try and get them into a level of ownership of assets and to let them have access to some of these  Forex Trading Systems and try to build wealth from there. Well I own First Million Dollars, I also own Access to Asset, which is another company to help them with financial literacy in Africa.

 How do you make money and how do people who join 1st million dollars make money?

We have combined cutting edge technologies that scales out the market and watches over the changes in each economy, the changes in each currency pair, and we buy and sell rates of exchange of different currency pay in the Forex market. We set up accounts with trading focus and buying and holding of those rates of exchange is what makes the difference in profits and losses and we provide those systems to different people.

 What motivated you to come up with the company , just a business idea?

At first,I basically helped somebody become free financially and they shared their story with the next person, and then that’s how the company was formed. I never intended to start the company, I just helped a friend and they were in debt. And from that experience they started sharing their story. And then that’s how the company was formed.

 How many clients do you have now and what does it take to be part of 1st million dollars?

Usually, what we do is that we don’t give out details of everything on platforms or social media. We usually would want people to come to seminars so that they understand exactly because it involves money and there’s a lot of information that people need to have before they can decide whether this is for them or not. We usually would invite them to seminars or they can come to our office and then talk to us face to face.

 You are based in the USA, is the business open just to those resident here or people from other parts of the world in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia etc could join?

We do have other companies providing the same kind of systems in Europe. We have another company in UK, in London. We have another one in Switzerland, and they are all customized according to the jurisdiction of those countries because the laws and the regulations are not the same. So we do have different industries or market that we are involved in, but using the same technology.

 And if you were to make a pitch to potential customers, what makes ‘1st Million’ unique,What makes it different from the other companies?

Our trading record over the last four years, our transparency with people, we don’t do extensive sales on marketing. We are not all over the place. We try to make sure that the customer in front of us feels like he or she is a king or queen because that is the person we are dealing with at that time. We believe that our reputation should match up with the customer service and customer experience to that one individual, and if that individual is satisfied, it’s going to be easier to take the brand to the next person.

There are other business ventures, that have started out strong but fizzled out in the course of time, what structures do you have in place to ensure that people who invest their money are always on the winning side?

I cannot completely take away the risk that is involved in the Forex market. No one can, because it’s not controlled by one person or one government or one bank . The reality is that if you are getting yourself involved in Forex Trading, you should accept a limited liability. So it depends on the structure that you have with the company you are dealing with. Do they say their liability is with them or with the customer? This is the only difference if you go to the bank and you want to invest your money, they would want you to sign document. I would say that the risk is on you, which means if you lose your money, if they lose all your money, you can claim nothing. But it’s possible to set up a company if you say, “well, I set it up in such a way that I would take the liability and I will protect you, I will provide you with a private placement and I will protect your interest by making sure your capital is held liable, the company is held liable  for your capital”. That is what our company has done.

Any special deals or other opportunities that you may have? how will you be approaching to your client base during the course of 2019?

 So what are we doing on the 1st of March? We are basically inviting all our existing members, people that have been with us for long. People that actually know who we are as a company for four years, two years and have an experience in our systems we are inviting all of them to roll out what our plans are for 2019, 2020 I believe it is going to be a very big company. We believe that it’s going to,  by God’s grace roll out to a billion dollars. It’s going to take some effort. We have the determination,and the commitment to make that happen. We already are expanding and we are basically presenting on the 1st of March. We are inviting everybody that would love to participate to call in and RSVP because only reserved seats available. You have  to make connections.

For someone like you who has done great, what message do you have for the Africans especially those in diaspora, what are the ingredients for the kind of success you enjoy?

Well, if you listen to what everybody is saying, especially those who don’t believe in success, who don’t believe in prosperity. You’re going to start believing what they say. The first thing you need in life if you’re going to be successful, is to have a very strong voice that speaks to you concerning your future, concerning your destiny. And if you don’t have that, you would end up believing every junk, every piece of information that’s out there. And I think that’s a starting point. Deciding where you’re going as a people, as a group, as a nation, deciding what you want your future to be. And then from there you can start building slowly but surely. Making sure that you are following the train, it’s very hard to achieve something that you don’t have in mind. You would need to have that dream first,and then everything else will fall into place.

We end with a last question on your book My 1st Million Dollar, what is the book about and where can people obtain copies from?

So My First Million Dollar is a book that I have written that helps people achieve their first million dollars following a very strategic pattern that I formulated over the years. I believe this works ,I have experienced this myself every day, and I have somebody that I also taught and they are now a successful trader. They are now making money. The book is available on Amazon or on other platforms where you buy books. It’s called My First Million Dollars by Denis Jali.

 Thanks for granting the interview

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