Filipe Nyusi proclaimed Frelimo presidential candidate for the 2019 elections

Filipe Nyusi proclaimed Frelimo presidential candidate for the 2019 elections

By Analdo Cuamba

The Frelimo Central Committee, the ruling party in Mozambique, proclaimed Filipe Nyusi, the current Mozambican and party president, as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for October 15.

The decision was announced on Sunday at the end of the third meeting of the Central Committee which for three days brought together about 300 participants.

“We reaffirm our full and unconditional support, I repeat the full and unconditional support for the decision of the 11th Frelimo Congress that proclaimed Comrade President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi as Frelimo candidate for the October 15 elections,” said Teresinha Niquice, a senior member of the party.

The spokesman for the session, Edson Macuácua, said Nyusi was chosen because he led the country well in his first term.

“In a context in which Mozambique faces many adversities, the Government managed to overcome them under the creative and determined leadership of Filipe Nyusi in the search for solutions,” Macuácua said.

Filipe Nyusi ascended to power when he took office on 15 January 2015 after having been a winner in the general elections on 15 October 2014.

For the second term he will run against Ossufo Momade, recently elected leader of the largest opposition party, Renamo. The opposition’s second-largest party, MDM, has no elected its candidate yet, but a source from the party told Pan African Visions that it will be the party’s current president, Daviz Simango.

During the closing speech of the session, Nyusi said that the party’s priority is to work to win the elections.

“Our most important project is to win the elections. That is what we will do” Nyusi said, adding that the strategies for this have already been outlined.

“Frelimo’s fifty-year journey taught us that victory is organized, victory is being prepared. We defined in this session the strategies that will govern the basic work that will lead Frelimo to another term in the Presidency of the Republic, increase in the number of seats in the Assembly of the Republic and in Provincial Assemblies and governance in all provinces, ” he said.

The electoral register for the elections began on April 15 and should end on May 30.




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