Center- FECAFOOT President Seidou Mbomba Njoya flanked by delegates from LFPC, FECAFOOT

Football: Cameroon’s championship kicks off January 26

By Boris Esono (Buea-Cameroon)

Center- FECAFOOT President Seidou Mbomba Njoya flanked by delegates from LFPC, FECAFOOT
Center- FECAFOOT President Seidou Mbomba Njoya flanked by delegates from LFPC, FECAFOOT

The top tier of Cameroon’s football championship, the Elite One is set to be launched this January 26, 2019 after suffering some two postponements. The opening match for the championship is yet to be communicated with other Day one fixtures continuing on January 27.

This decision amongst others was arrived at during organized by the new FECAFOOT President Seidou Mbombo Njoya bringing together delegates from the Cameroon professional league and the club presidents.

The president succeeded in bringing together senior leaders of the Cameroon professional league and representatives from the various clubs-something that was almost impossible to do a few weeks back. There has been some bad blood between the two factions who have now decided to bury the hatchet and move on.

Meantime, matches for the MTN Elite two championship will be disputed on the 30th of January. A key point here is the fact that, the number of clubs has been maintained-18 clubs for Ligue 1 and 15 clubs for Ligue 2 as opposed to the changes proposed by the League president Pierre Semengue who had proposed 20 clubs for Ligue 1 and 18 for Ligue 2.

An ad hoc committee was created to reflect on the future of the LFPC. “It will be chaired by the 1st vice-president of FECAFOOT, Mr Aboubakar Alim Konaté and made up of representatives of the LFPC and the clubs. More so, FECAFOOT will grant the LFPC and the clubs a grant for the start of the championships. Finally, it was decided to convene a General Assembly of the LFPC to elect its representatives to the FECAFOOT Assembly.

Speaking to journalist, FECFAFOOT president Seido Mbombo Njoya said: “We discussed several other important topics: the start conditions of the championships, the number of clubs, the grant, the case of complaints pending before the judicial institutions … The debates took place in a calm atmosphere. The meeting was rather friendly”.

General Pierre Semengue, after having demanded that a letter of apology be written to him in addition to the apologies that were presented to him at the meeting, agreed to withdraw all the complaints filed against Alex Gaspard Owona and Faustin Doumkeu.

During this working meeting, the President of the Federation, Seydou Mbombo Njoya was accompanied by his First Vice President Aboubacar Alim Konate, the third vice-president Madam Celine Eko, the fourth vice president Abbo Mohamadou and Secretary General Benjamin Didier Banlock. On the LFPC side, President Pierre Semengue and Secretary General Benjamin Beyeck were present. About twenty MTN Elite One and Two club presidents attended.





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