Gambia: Farmers in urgent appeal to government for support

Gambia: Farmers in urgent appeal to government for support

By Adama Makasuba

Farmers have called on government support as they commenced clearing their farmlands in preparation for the rainy season.

Farm  clearing is its ending as many of the farmers are on the verge of sowing their coos grains while they wait for the rain to fall in order for them to sow their groundnuts, maize and other cereal grains.

Many of the farmers are subsistence farmers whom depend their farming on coos, groundnuts and maize as a source food and income.

But last groundnut purchasing season farmers complaint that their groundnuts were not purchase as they expected it to purchase by the government.

Speaking to Omar Bah, a farmer in the North Bank Region said “we want the government to help us with seedlings and fertilizer especially fertilizer because it make our farm grows better.”

He also appealed to the government to help buy their farm groundnuts during the purchasing season, adding that they encountered challenges in selling their groundnuts the past purchasing season.

Another farmer, Tapha Jah, also called on the government to help them with fertilizer on the right time, adding “government needs to empower us because agriculture is a key to national development.”

Momodou Dumbuya, also a farmer, echoed similar remarks saying “I can assure that once agriculture is empowered as it is expected in the country, it will help address many challenges.”

Meanwhile, the Gambia government last month promised to give 800 tones of fertilizer to farmers for the forthcoming season.

The Gambia is a country that about 60 percent of its population depends on agriculture and it contributes more than 20 percent to the economy growth of the country.




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