Gambia: Government Pledges more than 600 Metric tons of Fertilizer to farmers

Gambia: Government Pledges more than 600 Metric tons of Fertilizer to farmers

By Adama Makasuba

The Gambia government has pledged 8000 metric tons of fertilizer to farmers for the forthcoming rainy season.

Speaking during a press conference at State House, Amie Bojang-Sissoho director of press at the presidency said “the ministry of agriculture in partnership with National food security processing and marketing operation is procuring a total of 7,500 metric tons of fertilizer for the rainy season this year.”

According to her, the government will this support the seven administrative regions of the country with 260 agricultural  equipments like-rice threshers, milling  machine, power tillers, accessories, pumping machine and five-foot 20 container freezers.

Mrs Bojang-Sissoho assured government commitment to transforming the agriculture sector from rudimentary to mechanize farming in ensuring the sector to a key economic player of the country.

She said 11,000 communities out of the seven regions will be given the seeds which 75% is headed by men while 25% headed by women.

She also said 3000 hectares of land has been identified for rice cultivation and poultry farming in central river region.

Also with support from Giepan and extra 600 tons of fertilizer and 30 tons of assorted seeds will be available to farmers this year, she said, adding that  this came after President Barrow’s visit to Egypt, adding it is aim at cutting down youth unemployment in the country.

However, he said “an economic council under the ministry of finance and economic affairs has been set up to provide regular update to the president on the macro economic situation of the country.”

“It has been noted that while the economic outlook is promising, the prices of basic commodities continues to be affected by world prices,” she added.









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