Adama Barrow

Gambia: National Security Policy Launched

By Adama Makasuba

Adama Barrow
Adama Barrow

The Gambia has launched its first-ever National Security Policy on Monday that aims to maintain, safeguard and defend national core value.

The policy was introduced by the government in 2017 and it sufficiently provides a robust, coherent and strategic approach to respond collectively to national security threats through swift decision-making processes, clear lines of accountability and responsibility, prompt execution of action and commitment to building the Nation’s resilience to crime.

Meanwhile, speaking at the launch at the Kairaba beach hotel, P Barresident Adamarow described the launch as historic and important, and assured the commitment of his government to the transformation of Security Sector in the country.

“The National Security Policy that will be launched today, together with other relevant legal frameworks, seeks to protect and strengthen these gains,” he said.

He said that reform of any security sector in the absence of the necessary and appropriate framework to guide and direct its operations and management, adding the need for a policy and a strategic framework is most urgent and critical.

According to him, his government has launched a number of initiatives aimed at improving coordination between and amongst different institutions and transforming our country into a sustainable and economically viable democracy.

He said that is government is mindful of the current reality regarding the safety and security in our society and its responsibility to ‘secure our dear country.’

President Barrow added that the policy doesn’t intend to duplicate nor overlap with other existing sector plans, policies and strategies on national security, but

“The National Security Policy we are about to launch will further strengthen coordination at the national level to achieve our security goals and strategic objectives, protect our national security interests and facilitate proper management of our resources,” he said.

He assured that his government will also strengthen the pillars holding the security of the nation and ensure that security becomes a top priority.

“The National Security Strategy shall further assist in maintaining the stability of the nation through appropriate and sound use of our economic power, diplomacy, security and governance structures,” he said.






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