Gambia:Bird feeder says Vultures serve as environmental cleaners

Gambia:Bird feeder says Vultures serve as environmental cleaners

By Adama Makasuba

A Gambian bird feeder has said that vultures are not only as food scavenger but that they serve as environmental cleaners.

Speaking to a gathering at Senegambia Beach Hotel in Kololi while serving the vultures foods, Modou Taal said: “vultures can fly miles and can smell food in miles of distance away and the eyes are very sharp that it can see food right in air in miles away from the ground.”

Further speaking a number of tourist and journalists at the hotel, Modou Taal, said that “we do feed the bird’s everyday with meat. The birds will be here till 1800hrs when they will fly back to their various destinations and again resume in the other day.”

Meanwhile, on each day at 11:30 the vultures with other eagle birds wouldn’t want to miss as it has been a customer to the birds for food time.

Under a moderated temperature, the vulture’s lineup sitting on the branches of palm trees waiting to be served with food.

This culture of bird serving food began as far back as twenty-five years ago by a man who is believed to be no more.

Vultures are widely seen as peculiar birds many people, as they sometimes live more than 1oo years. The vultures changed old feathers and breed new ones anytime it gets old and would be back to childhood nature.

Vulture opening up feathers after feeding

Meanwhile, after each feeding period a pond of water is available for the vultures to drink and they will later open up their feathers under moderated sun for easy travelling.









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