Sheriff Bojang Jnr

Gambia:Five Days Investigative Training underway in Banjul

By Adama Makasuba

Sheriff Bojang Jnr
Sheriff Bojang Jnr

A five days training on investigation for Gambia journalists commenced on Monday at Senegambia hotel, Kololi.

At least 20 journalists from both the print and electronic on investigation are attending the training aim at equipping them to better understand the skills about investigation.

And the training followed two months of training on Investigation by Gambia Press Union in collaboration with Open Society Initiative for West Africa held in June.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, president of Gambia Press Union, Sheriff Bojang jnr, said “we are very confident that at the end of this training all of you out there will go into journalism that is full of impact and that bring reform in the country.”

He described investigative journalism to be a domain that will “name and shame people found doing corrupt practices” adding it will bring collective interest of Gambians.

Mr. Bojang said: “what is lacking in the country… the media men and women going out there in term of public documents, in terms of holding authorities and decision makers   and public officials to account with proves” adding that has been a problem in the country.

He said: “we know that monies have been coming into the country-millions and billions of monies have been coming into the county, where they go who is benefitting from them.”

He said GPU aims to break the barrier of uncertainty attitude of committed by public officials, adding that the Gambia is at a crossroad in term of governance structures.

Abdoulie Gassama, deputy director of Gambia Radio and Television Services expressed joy about the training, adding journalism is old in the country but many people in the field are young people.

He urged trainees to bear patients saying that “investigative journalism is time consuming and needs resources.”

He said investigative journalism is not a witch-hunting arena, adding “and it is not like police work.”








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