Gambia:Tatadindin Jobarteh  New Album‘Kano’ Hits The Market

Gambia:Tatadindin Jobarteh New Album‘Kano’ Hits The Market

By Bakary Ceesay

Tatadindin Jobarteh, Gambia’s afromading artiste  has released his last studio album “KANO” online to be available on all digital platforms on 2nd May 2019. The album backed by & his Salam Band is Tata’s sixth studio album and was originally released in April 2017 as a domestic release.    

 Dubbed the “Jimi Hendrix of the Kora”, Tata battled a mysterious illness for over two years resulting in being amputated below the knee in one leg, Tata wasn’t deterred in fact that reignited some new energy which he pours out in this album. KANO meaning Love in the Mandinka language is also the lead single of the album. A very emotionally charged song, KANO advocates having unconditional love for people with any form of disability such as Blindness, Deafness, & Physical disabilities.

 Tata said “The album KANO is very special to me because it contains great songs that has a lot of my life when I was very sick for a long time. During my recovery, KANO was the first song I composed and it’s about my personal identity because I was amputated below the knee so now I became physically disabled but thank God am not mentally disabled”.

 In the typical Tatadindin fashion, KANO comes with songs about everything from social advocacy and commentary to traditional praise singing. SATEBA or Brikama in the West Coast Region of The Gambia is the home of Tatadinding and the Salam Band. In the song Tatadindin praises his roots and the 24 wards that make up Brikama.

 After the 2016 political impasse in The Gambia, tensions were high and the need for unification couldn’t be much greater thus KAIRO which is an advocacy for PEACE. In just over 3 minutes, Tatadindin praying to God directly appeals to Gambians to avoid conflict and to resolve issues amicably. Fearing for conflict and its implications, KAIRO is a powerful track directly calling for dialogue, understanding and harmony amongst the community. 

 Political Difference borrows its catchy hook “For The Gambia, Our Homeland” from The Gambia National Anthem. Addressing the need to tolerate and respect each other’s political views, this politically conscious track came at a time when The Gambia has seen a sudden shift in politics causing a lot of uncertainty. Calling for all the tribes in The Gambia to unite and avoid political differences coming in between them.

 Commenting on the release, Tata said “I believe my music should be accessible to all of my fans anywhere in the world”.  Distributed by Jaalolu Music Publishing in collaboration with Nyancho Entertainment




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