Ghana School of Law results: Lecturers to resign en-bloc

Ghana School of Law results: Lecturers to resign en-bloc

By Papisdaff Abdullah

Lecturers at the Ghana School of Law have threatened to resign en-bloc if certain conditions to reverse the worst results released by the school are not met by next week.

A credible source close to the agrieved lecturers said  that at an academic board meeting held earlier this week, the lecturers made up of Justices of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and other seasoned lawyers were angry after the release of the worst results in the history of the school by the independent examination council.

The Lecturers are demanding among others that;

  1. The General legal council should review and re-collate all the scores in the exam.
  2. They should reduce the exorbitant cost of remarking from 3000 to 500 Cedis per paper.
  3. They should cancel all questions which were not within the manuals (as it happened in family law, company law and others) and mark the rest of the questions over 100%.
  4. This should be done and the results should be pasted by next week or the lecturers will boycott class for two weeks. If they don’t hear anything positive afterwards, they will resign en-block.


For two years now, the newly formed Independent Examination Council has been failing students in the bar exams.

Last year, only 18% passed the main exams. For the POSTCALL exams (qualifying exam for lawyers in other countries who want to practice in Ghana) 21% passed.

This year being the worst, only 9% of the students passed the exams.

According to latest results from the school of law, 284 students who took the professional law exams last year are to repeat the entire program because they failed.

Another 177 were referred in various papers.

The students failed mostly in Family law, Evidence and Advocacy.

So far, only 64 students are known to have successfully passed the exams.

The papers included Criminal procedure, Civil procedure, company and commercial practice, law practice mgt., legal accountancy, evidence and interpretation, Conveyancing and drafting.




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