High Level Dialogue on Gender, Education and Protection of Schools in Humanitarian Settings

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, 4th January 2019,-/African Media Agency(AMA)/-High Level Dialogue on Gender, Education and Protection of Schools in Humanitarian Settings

What: High Level Dialogue on Gender, Education and Protection of Schools in Humanitarian Settings under the theme: “Protecting and Securing Quality Education for Children and Women Refugees, IDPs and Returnees”.
Who: This event is co-organized by the African Union Education Division, the AU- International Centre for Girls and Women’s Education in Africa (AU/CIEFFA) and Save the Children International, with the technical support of AU Department of Political affairs, and the Permanent Mission of Norway to the African Union.
When: Tuesday, 5th February 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m.
Where: AU New Complex, African Union HQ.
Why: The 2019 High Level Dialogue aims to address the following objectives, focusing on the theme of the year 2019 as set by the African union:
a. Advocate on the necessity and urgency to set ways to bridge the gaps in schooling for girls facing conflict or forced displacement and the related challenges;
b. Share experience on the implementation of the Safe School Declaration by Member States to protect and secure teaching and learning environments to ensure continuing access to education in armed conflict zones and humanitarian situations;
c. Improve understanding on scaling up provision of quality education and technical skills development as a right to displaced persons especially girls;
d. Engage various stakeholders on facilitating integration of displaced children and youth in national education systems.
Expected Outcomes:
a. Improved participants’ understanding of effects of armed conflicts and displacements of people, upon education systems;
b. Raised awareness and commitment of Member States to implement the Safe School Declaration and peace education, to continuously protect education environments and learning spaces from insecurity, violence and attacks including those emerging from armed conflicts;
c. Raised awareness and commitment of the AU Member States towards strategies that ensure continuing access to quality education for displaced persons especially girls and women;

The Participants will comprise the Ministers responsible for Education, Gender, Defense and Humanitarian Affairs, from selected African Union Member States; representatives of national governments, Civil Society, and Private Sector foundations; Departments and institutions of the African Union dealing with matters on women and gender, peace and security, political affairs and social affairs; Vulnerable girls and women with success stories in conflict and humanitarian situations; and Champions for Girls and Women’s Education.
Representatives of the media, are invited to cover the High Level Dialogue on Gender, Education and Protection of Schools in Humanitarian Settings.

Distributed by African Media Agency on behalf of The African Union Commission.

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Ms. Simone Yankey-Ouattara | African Union/CIEFFA I

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