The Director-General of the Public Affairs unit of the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu

Increase Crime Rate In Ghana Not A Good Image For Us – Acp Eklu

By Ahedor Jessica

The Director-General of the Public Affairs unit of the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu
The Director-General of the Public Affairs unit of the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu

The Director-General, Public Affairs Directorate of the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu has called for the need to worry as a country as crime is on the increase in Ghana. He stated the recent happenings and the recent twist to related crime issues in the country needs consented efforts to help crime the situation and maintain the good image of the country among its peers.  Speaking in an interview with the media ACP David Eklu cited the recent warnings to the Canadian residents in Ghana about crime by their Ambassador and the Kidnapping of some Ghanaian demands that, security is tighten up and proactive measures taken to end all these happenings. Saying even though the crime index indicates that Accra is safe, “it does not mean we are not out of the woods as a country”. “Crime is on the rise in the neighborhoods and I’ll say that that is something we should be worried about.

According to intelligence gathered by the security forces in the country, he added even though the crime index actually indicated that Accra is safe, but it does not mean that we are out of the woods.  “There is a need for us to tighten the security, improve on what we’re doing’. “Even this is the time that we should do thorough searching to find out the cracks, the weak points so that we can still maintain that lead. Because this could be temporary. Tomorrow, the dynamics can change”. He however called on the Ghanaian citizens to be vigilant, calling on the duty bearers to be proactive. “The most important thing is that we should not let our guards down. There is something that we should worry about; those of us who are duty bearers and, of course, those who we serve should also look at it and see what we can do to improve on the situation or anyway get out of the situation.”

The development has led to the UK government also warning its citizens in Ghana to be wary of the kidnappings and terrorist attacks in the country. The content reads Terrorist groups associated with Al-Qaeda and ISIS, which are operating in parts of North Africa and now in the Sahel, are likely to lead the charge on the country. Burkina Faso and Mali are currently engaged in fierce battles with the terrorists, resulting in the loss of several lives already. And the most comprehensive report issued by a foreign country about the insecurity posed by the terrorists who are active in both Burkina Faso and Mali. While the report admitted that there have not been any terrorist attacks in Ghana, British citizens has been advised to be vigilant, particularly in northern border areas and in busy public locations, including beach resorts, hotels, cafes, restaurants and places of worship across the country




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