Kenya:Tight security to thwart terror attack during Ramadhan

Kenya:Tight security to thwart terror attack during Ramadhan

By Samuel Ouma | @journalist_27

The National Police Service (NPS) has created security awareness due to Al-Shabaab’s history of launching terror attacks in the country during Ramadhan period.

NPS spokesperson Charles Owino on Wednesday revealed that police is ready to prevent any terror attack that may ensue during the period.

He said security has been beefed up in Kenya-Somalia border and security officers deployed in areas which are prone to attacks.

“For peaceful Ramadhan and subsequent Eid festivities, security agencies have deployed officers around areas of interest within our cities and in areas near Kenya-Somalia border. More officers have been dispatched,” reads his statement.

The security officers have also been dispatched to cities and major towns. Moreover, security has also been heightened in the places of worships especially Mosques are under strict surveillance to ensure Muslims carry out their night prayers peacefully.

The service disclosed that Al-Shabaab had vowed to avenge the death of 50 Muslims killed in Christchurch attack in New Zealand noting the revenge mission carried by Islamist State last month in Sri Lanka. Three hundred people lost their lives and 500 got injured.

“:To justify their violent extremist activities, Al-Shabaab and their ilk thrive on misrepresenting religious texts such as those on the battle of Badr which took on the 17th day of Ramadhan where the prophet Muhammad and the first Muslims attained the biggest victory against the Qureishi of Makkah,” says the statement.






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