Director for STAR Ghana Foundation Mr Ibrahim Tanko Amidu

Look beyond partisan politics and save Ghana – STAR tasks Ghanaians.

By Jessica Ahedor

Director for STAR Ghana Foundation Mr Ibrahim Tanko Amidu
Director for STAR Ghana Foundation Mr Ibrahim Tanko Amidu

The strengthening, Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR) in Ghana aimed at firming up engagement between civil societies and state actors to promote increased transparency and Accountability in governance has called for concerted efforts to achieve the goal of developing a vibrant Ghana.

The Acting Executive Director for STAR Ghana Foundation Mr Ibrahim Tanko Amidu has echoed the need to strengthen citizenship voices to end current emerging phenomenon on partisan politics tensions in Ghana.

Speaking to some selected journalists in Accra at a forum to access the impacts of the STAR Ghana Foundation launched a year ago, to galvanize civil societies to help contribute transformational national development for all Ghanaians in an inclusive manner, Mr Tanko expressed optimism Ghanaians can continue being active citizens, like how they made their voices heard to end dictatorship in the 90s and also to fought for Ghana’s independence.

Saying Ghanaians must feel at home to register their displeasure about their challenges and it must be resolved for them. Unfortunately, partisan politics is taking center stage and while actions are taken by CSOs or any citizens it is seen for or against, hence the need to demystify the trend.

He explained citizens must not see what happened to Ahmed Suale as a fight for only journalist because it can happen to anybody at all. The 3 days dissemination program is the STAR Ghana’s annual strategic learning event themed: Lessons for Active Citizenship.

Touching on the need for citizens to drive home their demand, he maintain the Right to Information Bill that has been to and from parliament is one toll that can hold the duty bearers of the country accountable and also prevent corruption. He however called for all hands on deck and looks beyond the partisan politics of today and makes Ghana a better place.

According to Star Ghana the experience accumulated from collaborators and grant partners the establishment of the new foundation and application of the 3CL mission which encapsulated convening, coordination, catalyst and learning, the team sort to reflect and harvest and apply lessons from practice. The event was among other things to generate useful knowledge that can be shared more widely to advanced accountability, active citizenship and inclusion in Ghana.

After 2 and half years of implementation of policies after the launch of the STAR Ghana Foundation, the Foundation has organised a strategic learning event to provide a reflection space to harvest strategic learning to date and draw implications for the programme and the Foundation going forward. The learning event brought  together key stakeholders including the Governing Council of STAR Ghana Foundation, the Funders’ Committee, the programme management team, consortium Partners, Media, selected Grants Partners and wider civil society organizations.





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