Paddington Japajapa

Zimbabweans Decry Military Brutality And Abuses

By  Nevson Mpofu

Paddington Japajapa
Paddington Japajapa

Paddington   JapaJapa , a Human Rights Activist and Politician has condemned the brutal manner Zimbabwe National Army and Black Boots policemen are ill-treating civilians . This has gone beyond the Constitution, the Law and International and Regional SADC and AU protocols.

Mnangagwa seem to have become power glued such that he looks aside to issues of military and police abusing people’s rights for his defence. However, this is against the Universal Declaration for Human Rights of the UN of 1948.

All age groups are under fire of abuse regardless of how innocent one may be. Crimes against Humanity are sprouting and shooting out of the ground since Mnangagwa took office last year in November. This has been equated to past African crimes by Charles Taylor , Kamuzu Banda , Robert Mugabe , Samora Machel and Idi Amin .

The three other protocols violated are the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, the Convention on the rights of the child and the Covenant on civil and political rights of 1966. Human Rights abuses have been over there in Africa the past century because of colonisation, colonial, frontal and civil wars.  Apart from UN Protocols SADC and AU came up with the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights.

The politician who stands neutral in terms of fairness and equality at all political levels said the manner in which soldiers are acting like is totally barbaric. He also said this is outrageous to civilians, especially to those vulnerable. He deeply up-rooted the cause of evil, the people on the front and the silly reason for the abuse.

‘’Soldiers are behaving in a barbaric way like as if they are not learned people. They are doing it to protect ZANU- PF be in power. ZANU PF is in power avarice. Its leaders are greedy and power glued for monarchy.

‘’A lot of abuses are going on at the expense of the people. Soldiers have since Monday last week been beating people .They have been getting into residential areas ill-treating people in their houses, outside in the streets and at shopping centres.

‘’It is barbaric if one gets by breaking in a locked house. What these soldiers are doing is, they get inside the house by force. This is happening in broad day-light. They do it without knocking and getting permission. In all the high density suburbs of Harare and Bulawayo people are in hot soup with the military.’’

Japa Japa related as well a story of soldiers who are being targeted by a well-known culprit belonging to ZANU PF. He said they are a number of these culprits under ZANU PF, paid by some people to target soldiers. He pointed out that ZANU PF is part of the violence gang as well.

‘’Soldiers as well are being targeted in high density suburbs by a gang of ZANU PF thugs. They have targeted destroying houses and killing soldiers whom they think are the most eye opened ones manning the chaos all around. There are elements within ZANU PF looting, maiming and planning to kill and destroy.’’

Some other activists say their main worry is with soldiers who have beaten innocent people with barter sticks, motor –tyre whips and back of guns. In one of the high density suburbs soldiers were over powered by the people. They later called others for help. Later, they terrorised all people on streets. Some were forced to lie on dirty black tar. Some lay on dust then they would be frog-marched to their homes.

In one of Harare’s high density suburb, solders would get in a house, find women inside in the absence of men. A bevy of women were reported raped in Damo-Falls Harare. All in all beaten cases rise to as high as above 500 cases. There are 3 cases of raped women and cases of abused children. There are also cases of injured civilians shot by police in Epworth and Kuwadzana ,  some of Harare’s troubled high density suburbs . The abuses are physical and economic since those beaten are ripped off their belongings like cash.

ZIM RIGHTS, a Human Rights Body, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and NGO Forum of Zimbabwe criticised heavily on the manner in which vulnerable people were taken advantage of by soldiers. A source with the Organisation with special focus on children said they shall get into urban communities for a survey after the violent atmosphere.

‘’We work to protect people’s rights. But our focus is mainly on children. We are afraid as well for women because they are part of the vulnerable group as well. The vulnerable ones, we have heard have been exposed to sexual abuse and vulnerability.

‘’Children are no-longer in school. Clinics and hospitals are closed. This has disadvantaged pregnant mothers, HIV positive people and some with both threatening communicable and non- communicable diseases’’, said the source who asked not to be known.’’

However the Activist pointed out that all people need their rights. He said they have to see to it that there is rule of law, respect of human and people’s rights to show dignity, respect and integrity as enshrined in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.





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