Mnangagwa and Ramaphosa are all smiles about Zimbabwe-South African relations

Mnangagwa and Ramaphosa Laud Zimbabwe –South Africa Relations

By Nevson Mpofu

Mnangagwa and Ramaphosa are all smiles about Zimbabwe-South African relations
Mnangagwa and Ramaphosa are all smiles about Zimbabwe-South African relations

Zimbabwe which is in a strong muscle stretch bid to cement Regional and International Relations made 6 memorandums of Agreement in the sectors of  Energy ,Transport, Railways, Mining and Customs.

The two Presidents met to switch on to their agreements through the facilitation of the six day conference. The 3rd Session of Bi-National Commission Conference invited 380 delegates from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Prior to the two Presidents signatures endorsement by 12 March on Thursday at a local hotel, top Government officials had already evaded the country for preparatory meetings and workshops which strengthened Ministerial relations.

The Zimbabwe- South Africa Bi-National 2019 Conference witnessed the two Presidents signing papers in swear to working together in the sectors mentioned above. In their words of economic unison, togetherness and solidarity, President Cyril Ramaphosa said South Africa is already pledged to economic ties.

‘’There is already certainty that we are to work with Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans in South Africa now reach 2, 5 million. We have them, see them as our sons, daughters, friends and relatives ‘’.

‘’We still remain close to take care, support and make relations move on despite what may be said negative. We are in economic solidarity in the Region.’’

President Mnangagwa said the agreements are a pave to a path for economic growth and development. Besides, we build stronger than before relationships as two neighbourly countries.

‘’This is not a meet the two countries and discuss, a thing of the first time. It is a meet the people hook friendship and relationship. We meet again in future like we did in the past to pave way for stronger economic bond of unity to exchange views on thorny nasty issues of general development.

‘’We have been friends, not only friends in social ties but in economic and political link. Let us move on in the path of peace to build the two countries.’’

The two countries agreed to work in co-operation to tie everlasting good relations. This is in economic union for growth and development. The two countries pledge to remain vigilant towards safe-guarding their territories guided by values of peace, unity, reconciliation.

They also promise to build themselves sound Regional Integrative levels of Economic union in the whole continent as well.






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