Mozambican government wants to stop the import of used cars

Mozambican government wants to stop the import of used cars

By Arnaldo Cuamba

The Mozambican government wants to stop importing used cars, after last year aggravating the import tax on cars from that line.

According to the Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Mesquita, Mozambique can not continue to be the preferred destination of used vehicles without any guarantee of technical assistance.

“It is our vision that the country needs to invest in the importation and sale of vehicles with the necessary guarantee of quality, maintenance and, above all, the supply of genuine spare parts” he said, adding that only in this way the country will combat the counterfeiting that generates enormous losses for the economy and for the final consumer.

The official stressed that second-hand cars purchased abroad have all kinds of doubts and therefore it is necessary for the country to bet on the first-hand vehicles taking into account the benefits they provide.

“The improvement of the technical assistance of vehicles of our fellow citizens brings enormous benefits, from the training and development of our workforce, the reduction of road accidents motivated by the poor technical state of the vehicles, reduction of environmental pollution to the saving of resources, given the prevention of breakdowns and the increased longevity of vehicles”.

Mesquita spoke in Mozambican capital, Maputo, during the inauguration ceremony and launch of the Hyundai brand representation by the Ronil group, which also represents the Mazda, BMW and Honda brands.

The company, installed for more than 62 years ago in Mozambique, has invested over USD 2.5 million in the construction of the new headquarters. The project, which initially guarantees 40 jobs, of which 97% is for Mozambicans, has a new “showroom” and modern workshops with a capacity of up to 20 vehicles per day.

The president of Ronil Mozambique, Dalila Tsihlakis, said that the investment applied should catapult the development of the automobile industry in the country, as well as the competition in the use of personal transport and therefore the firm should bet on the qualification of qualified human resources, and the purchase efficient equipment.

On this, the Mozambican minister said that with the development of the national automobile industry, there will be savings of foreign exchange in the process of buying vehicles, “opening space for the application of currency saved in improving the lives of Mozambicans.”




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