Mozambique expels more than 20 Chinese workers

Mozambique expels more than 20 Chinese workers

By Arnaldo Cuamba

The Mozambican Ministry of Labor announced on Tuesday the expulsion of 30 foreign workers illegally hired by different companies located in the country’s capital Maputo.

.The workers were discovered by the General Labor Inspectorate following a campaign that culminated in the dismantling of the network of illegal foreign labor in the areas of service, commercial and construction.

Among the 30, 16 were engaged in civil construction.

In terms of nationalities, China is the one that introduced the largest number of illegal foreign workers in the city of Maputo, with a total of 26, linked to the companies CIGICOP, Jin Xim Aluminum, China Jiangsun International and Ting Trading, according to a press release from the Maputo City Labor Directorate seen by Pan African Visions.

The other nationalities were the Pakistani, with three workers, and Portuguese, with one.

The note also mentions that the companies involved in the illegal recruitment of foreign labor were asked to clarify the situation of their workers and, without giving plausible explanations, the inspection authorities decided to suspend them.

The Mozambican labor law provides that companies operating in the national territory must integrate national workers, and also provides that the hiring of foreign labor may occur only when there is no qualified national candidates to occupy a certain position.




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