Mozambique: Nyusi and Momade To sign Peace Agreement In August

Mozambique: Nyusi and Momade To sign Peace Agreement In August

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi and the leader of the main opposition party Renamo, Ossufo Momade, agreed to sign the peace agreement next August to ensure that the October general election takes place in a “peaceful environment.”

Nyusi and Momade met on Sunday, 2 June 2019, in the City of Chimoio, Province of Manica, with the objective of evaluating the degree of implementation of the decisions resulting from the previous meetings held on 27 February and 7 March 2019, in Maputo city.

According to a joint communique, during the meeting, both parties agreed that is the moment for the definitive cessation of military hostilities and, consequently, the signing of the Peace Agreement and the beginning of Demilitarization, disarmament and reintegration of the armed men of Renamo in society.

The two leaders defined July as the month for the beginning of the process and August as the month of the signing of the general peace agreement, without prejudice to the continuity of the dialogue, as a confidence-building measure between the Parties.

The two leaders also agreed to begin preparations for the International Conference to mobilize funds for the implementation of the agreement.

The meeting, according to the press release, was held in a fraternal and open environment focused on achieving the noblest aspirations of Mozambicans to live in a peaceful, stable and social justice country where all Mozambicans have equal opportunities.

The Mozambican general elections are scheduled for October 15 and will be brought forward by the visit of his Holiness Pope Francis during the 4th, 5th and 6th of September.




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