Samora Machel Jr

Mozambique:Frelimo dissidents to participate in October elections

By Arnaldo Cuamba

Samora Machel Jr
Samora Machel Jr

 Dissidents from Frelimo are organizing themselves to go to the general elections scheduled for 15 October with a new legalized party, whose founding members are the same ones who last year supported the revolting candidacy of Samora Machel Jr.

Called PODEMOS party- Povo Optimista pelo Desenvolvimento de Moçambique – the application for its registration entered last year to the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs, but only on Monday the applicants had the positive answer.

The disclosure of the order of deferment signed by Minister Joaquim Veríssimo was anticipated by arrests when on Thursday and Friday, founding members were arrested  by the Mozambican police when they demonstrated at the Ministry’s premises demanding the legalization order.

A document that Pan African Visions had access to indicate exactly that the genesis of the PODEMOS party “is at the base of Frelimo”, being members who do not identify themselves with the lack of democracy and transparency in the management of electoral processes; Bad governance, kleptocracy and corruption; Clientelism and oligarchy of the Party (buying the minds of the bases, use and abuse of the goodwill of the bases, lack of independence and autonomy of the organs of the State); Usurpation of competences of the bases by the superiors; persecution, psychological torture, relegation and isolation to internal critics and other evils.

They are young members of AJUDEM, the Associação Juvenil para o Desenvolvimento de Moçambique, the same ones that last year supported the candidacy of Samora Machel Jr, when he was inexplicably removed from the internal elections in the Frelimo party to choose the candidate for mayor of Maputo City.

At the time, Machel Jr, also known as Samito, later decided to advance on behalf of the association, but again saw his intentions frustrated when the National Election Commission excluded his candidacy in a process without transparency and that today he describes as ” illicit” property of a “crime” and was made “with the approval of the [Frelimo] Party leadership at the most diverse levels, having bought consciences.”

For the upcoming general elections scheduled for October 15, Samito again challenged Frelimo to defend that the party should turn possible for more competitors, saying that it made little sense that the current president, Filipe Nyusi, was the only candidate. Again his will was not considered, not knowing if he could again compete in the name of another political formation or not.

One of the founding members of PODEMOS told Pan African Visions that the new party intends to run for the general election, but declined to advance the name of the presidential candidate allegedly to prevent the candidate from “suffering persecution.”

Whether or not the party will run for other modalities such as provincial governor elections, he said studies are still under way but there is a guarantee that they will also run for legislative elections.

The new party identifies itself as having “Liberal Socialism” values ​​and its members are determined to defend democracy, the values ​​of peace, equality and freedom, solidarity, government transparency, social justice and economy.





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