President Mnangagwa Sets The Pace For Talks With All Opposition Parties..

President Mnangagwa Sets The Pace For Talks With All Opposition Parties..

By Nevson Mpofu .

All 23 Political Parties which contested in the 2019 General Harmonised Presidential and Parliamentary elections have confirmed invited by President Mnangagwa for talks to take place tomorrow on 7 February.

The political symposium, the first between ZANU PF and 2019 election contesting political parties in sundry will take place at the Munhumutapa Building where the Office of the President and Cabinet is located. The meeting according to the epitaph of the letter looks at a framework for dialogue and interaction among all political parties in the country.

MDC Alliance Deputy Spokesperson, Bhekhithemba Mpofu confirmed invited by yesterday afternoon. He said they are ready to attend the meeting tomorrow at the venue. Mpofu also pointed out that some other political parties had confirmed as well invited.

‘’MDC Alliance and some political parties which contested in last year’s elections have here-by confirmed invited. Yes, we received the invite. We are attending the meeting.

‘’Some political parties have also confirmed. I do not think there are some political parties to miss the political symposium meant to bring sanity into the spectrum of the Zimbabwe politics, said Mpofu . ‘’.

The symposium according to the MDC Alliance source was called by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The Invite was then drafted by the Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda .

Contacted for a comment Dr Sibanda said the come together for a talk is meant to ravel on some important rather unvisited black shadowing areas causing a bit of misunderstanding in political parties which contested July 31 elections.

‘’We are coming together as political parties to talk on vital issues which we missed since post 2018 elections. We have to cement on some important but ignored issues of social, economic and political nature.

‘’These are the all-round problems we are coming across as a country. We are really in a crisis caused by what we have to solve in the country, said Dr Sibanda .’’

Obert Gutu of MDC-T headed by Thokhozani Khupe confirmed by yesterday as well he had received the letter of invite. He pointed out that the invite was done in a professional way since it amasses all political parties.

‘’It looks quite professional, well managed and well done because everyone is invited. We feel very comfortable rather than two political parties to sit down and talk while others are not present. We have a direction as well as political party’’, he said.

The meeting is invited three to four delegates from each political party. With some parties filled in candidates in constituencies as Parliamentarians, they are added ad the fourth person to get into the meeting.




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