Response to Doctors Strike shows Conflicting Skills and Leadership Qualities in Mnangagwa and Chiwenga

Response to Doctors Strike shows Conflicting Skills and Leadership Qualities in Mnangagwa and Chiwenga

By Nevson Mpofu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa who a few days ago cut short his leave is mind tormented by striking Doctors. The President had to force himself back to work after Chiwenga failed to handle the critical issue of Doctors.

The two seem to be at frictional angles if not acrimony. Several striking events resolved by Mnangagwa were a threat bomb zone by Chiwenga . This he has done it twice. One, to striking nurses last year. Secondly to current striking Doctors. Mnangagwa with conflicting skills compared to Chiwenga got in between the parties. He amicably, arbitrarily and professionally settled nurses’ strike, teachers’ grievances now for Doctors at it again.

On Tuesday at a Press Conference in Harare Vice President Constantine Chiwenga raised his voice in anger saying Doctors were hypocrites’. He said the Government will not pay Doctors in US Dollars because it does not print US Dollars.

‘’We can- not pay them in US Dollars. I assure them. The Government will never pay them in US dollars. Mind you the Government of Zimbabwe does not print US dollars. How then is that possible’’?

‘’Doctors are breaking the ethics of the Best International Practices. They are not supposed to abandon patients like they do. This is totally unacceptable’’.

His call for Doctors to keep cool came at a time senior, medium and junior Doctors resorted to a continuous strike. The problem has been on and on since November 2018. Doctors who earn 329 bond notes per month are calling for monthly salary increase and on-call pay in US Dollars.

President Mnangagwa was nagged by the 48 hour ultimatum made by Doctors early this week. He had to cut his leave from his home area Zvishavane in the Midlands Province. He returned to work to come and sit down to solve the problem.

A Medical Doctor who asked for anonymity , not for fear but to avoid friction between Mnangagwa and Chiwenga whom he said are two apparel lines in the same Party  said the two can- not work together. He said they always get angered by Chiwenga . On the other hand Mnangagwa comes in to solve problems workers have.

‘’We are angered every time by sentiments produced by Chiwenga the Vice President. It looks like someone in the lost direction. At the same time we have good books with the President himself. He listens, appreciates and tolerates other people’s views.

‘’Nurses problems were solved amicably. Teachers were resolved challenges they had last year. Remember, Chiwenga threatened Nurses. Mnangagwa came to their rescue solving their problems amicably and peacefully.

The mediation skills of the two came to surface of conflict in their mind. Mnangagwa has settled down with many workers in resolving likely crisis. He shows diligence and lenience on issues disturbing workers.

During Mugabe’s time people could die before anything is solved. By the end of the day striking workers would just be surprised getting an increment but after several effects related to prolonged ill-ness and death. However, he had no time to come face to face with workers like what Mnangagwa does. Sometimes, Mugabe would threaten civil servants like Chiwenga .

Mnangagwa contrary to Chiwenga is of Leadership qualities. He listens as well, takes instructions like a child when contacted through petitions and calling voices from all corners. He promises although he takes long to return to some issues especially those caused by Mugabe for example the Gukurahundi massacre of early 80’ at incipient Independence. However, he has always taken heed to Humanitarian concerns.






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