SDF's protest in Douala. pic credit, tebopost

Cameroon:SDF demands immediate, unconditional release of two “kidnapped” MPs

By Boris Esono (Cameroon)

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has called for the immediate and unconditional release of two of its parliamentarians by security forces. Hon. Joshua Osih Nabangi and Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu were brutally arrested this Wednesday January 23, 2019 at about 4pm at Douche Municipale to an unknown destination by masked armed uniform officers.

The SDF noted that this act of violence by armed men in uniform was “just because the honorable gentlemen accompanied the people that they represent to ask for explanation on the acts of economic criminality, sabotage and anti-patriotism that led to Cameroon’s shameful loss of the rights to organize AFCON 2019-a situation that led to the loss of thousands of billions of francs CFA on the national economy both at the macro and micro levels”. ”.

Unconfirmed reports however say these two MPs have been released although this reporter cannot ascertain the veracity of the statement.

In a press release by the National Secretary for Communication Denis Nkemlemo issued shortly after their arrests, the party strongly condemned the politicians’ arrests indicating that “the social democratic front vehemently condemns the act of barbarism carried out on these parliamentarians in total violation of their rights to parliamentary immunity”.

The release further called for the immediate and unconditional release adding that administrative sanction be meted on those who gave the orders for them to be tortured and the uniform officers that executed such acts. “The social Democratic Front reserves the right to take its responsibility nationwide and beyond if immediate steps are not taken to this effect”.

“The SDF warns that faced with the gravity of the curtailing of collective and individual rights of the citizens and the levity with which the dignity of the human being is considered by the despotic regime in Cameroon since 1982, the party and the people will not continue to tolerate these aberrations that increased in magnitude on a daily basis” the statement concluded.

It should be recalled that local authorities in Douala had earlier banned the march organized by Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu for security reasons. The Divisional officer of Douala III, Nouhou Bello banned the protest on grounds it could pose a threat to public order as well as cause traffic congestion and slow down activities in the town. These were the same reasons outlined by the Divisional Officer for Douala V, Acheus Bokoma Elango.





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