South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei

South Sudan begins screening foreigners, gov’t warns individuals obstructing aliens’ registration

By Deng Machol

South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei
South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei

Juba – South Sudan government has warned some South Sudanese officials who protected aliens from registering with the country immigration department.

This came after the Country’s Ministry of Interior launched a nation – wide screening of foreign nationals living in the country.

According to Immigration office, the foreigners should come with their legal documents for verification, and those who are staying here illegally will be asked to legalize their stay here, or otherwise they will be deported.

However, South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei has confirmed that there are some individuals who ganged up to obstruct aliens’ registration process, something he terms as big shots against protecting aliens from registering with the immigration office.

 “Please anybody who has his own foreigners and he wants to protect them, that is not good,” Michael Makuei told Journalists in Juba on Friday.

Makuei said the government received the reports from the department of Immigration that is conducting the exercise.

“It is reported that there are even some big shots who are protecting the registration of some of these foreigners,” he said.

Minister Makuei further asked those unnamed individuals to keep way saying: “Those who are protecting others are advised to keep away from that and allow them [immigration] to operate.”

“But if you refused and you don’t allow them to register, the day will come when we will decide to evict any unregistered aliens,” he warned

Police spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin Boulo has confirmed that all the screening centres have been established in all the States.

The exercise expected to be rolled out across the country, [but] began this week at five locations in Juba. They are namely; Gumbo Sherikaat, Kubri Habuba in Gudele, Jebel market, Juba town and Konyo-Konyo market. The exercise expected to last for three months, will be done in the 32 states.

Police spokesperson also said that the security organs have not started arresting or asking foreigners on the street to produce their documents but hinted that a massive operation will be carried out to verify status of foreigners at the end of the three months.

“I am appealing to our brothers and sisters from the neighboring countries here in Juba that this is the process to legalize their status in the country so that they stay peacefully,” Gen. Justin said. So, I urge them to come to the centers to register and finish the needed process.”

Hundreds of foreigners entered South Sudan on daily but some reported do not have legal documents. The exercise is meant to register and to ascertain the number of foreigners. Those who will be found with no valid documents will be deported to their country of origins at the end of the three-month exercise.




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