Michael Makuei Lueth. South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei

South Sudan govt allocates 9m SSP to Human Rights Office to probe UN abuses

By Deng Machol

Michael Makuei Lueth. South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei
Michael Makuei Lueth. South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei

Juba – South Sudan’s Council of Ministers has approved nearly 9 million South Sudanese Pound for the Human Rights Commission to investigate all the reports of human rights abuses and violations by UNMISS.

This comes, after the reported of the UN peacekeepers shot dead two South Sudanese civilians at its base along Juba-Yei road last week.

In a statement, later, the UNMISS said it has convened a review team comprised of representatives from UNMISS force, police and security services to investigate into the matter. Until now, the outcomes of investigation is not yet share.

South Sudan Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth told press after the Council of Ministers meeting on Friday that the budget is to facilitate the movement of human rights commission workers.

“The budget will enable the Human Rights Commission to investigate into the alleged atrocities and human rights violations by the UNMISS forces in the POCs,” Makuei said.

He added that there are reports of human rights violations allegedly committed in UN civilians Protection camps peacekeepers in Wau, Malakal, Bor, and Bentiu.

“The Council of Ministers approved the budget which is the sum of 8 million 9 hundred, 12 thousand and 5 hundred pounds, for investigation of all these atrocities, all these reports in Wau, Malakal, Bor, and Bentiu.”

Also, in February 2018, the UN mission revealed an allegation of sexual exploitation involving police personnel belonging to a Ghanaian Police Unit serving with UNMISS at the Wau Protection of Civilians site.

Subsequent this, the entire unit of 46 police officers were withdrew from duty within the POC site and moved to Juba as a precautionary measure while an investigation was carried out.

According to UNMISS, the Office of Internal Oversight Services has finalized its investigation into the allegation of sexual exploitation and established that eight members of the Police Unit were involved in transactional sex. Later, the 46 police officers were flown to their home country.

Thousands of South Sudanese are seeking refuge at the UN PoCs since the conflict broke out five years ago, in the world youngest nation, and the UNMISS have allegedly been accused of sexual abuses, but often denies.

President Kiir and rebel groups signed the revitalized peace deal in September 12, 2018, in an attempt to end a civil war that have killed tens thousands of the people and displaced four million people from their habitual homes. Thought, the ceasefire is little held, the civilians are still fearing to leave the UN PoCs.




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