The feud between Museveni's Uganda and Kagame's Rwanda is taking a toll on business

Traders count losses as Rwanda-Uganda border feud continues

By Samuel Ouma | @journalist_27

The feud between Museveni's Uganda and Kagame's Rwanda is taking a toll on business
The feud between Museveni’s Uganda and Kagame’s Rwanda is taking a toll on business

Business remains senile at Katuna border following Rwanda’s decision to close its border crossing points with Uganda last month.

Transportation, tourism and hotel sectors are hardly hit as standoff escalates. Enormous losses have been reported as Rwandan Government still upholds movement limitation across the border pending negotiation with Uganda.

”What remains to discuss with our brothers and sisters is the movement of people,” said Paul Kagame, Rwandan President.

As a result of the standoff, the number of travellers has declined thus a drop in the number and frequency of bus travels. Trinity Buses in Kampala is only able to send two buses to Rwanda daily which is a decrease from seven according to the manager Mr. Denis Mugabo. Custom officer at Gatuna border also revealed that nowadays they used to clear over 20 buses daily, nowadays it is just about 5.

“Ever since the closure of Uganda-Rwanda border at Gatuna, we have so far lost millions of shillings,” lamented Mr. Mugabo.

Number of people visiting hotels has also reduced. Booming business in the sector is not a forgone history. Lodging spaces stare empty and those in restaurant are handful of people.

“Most of my clients were Rwandese and ever since the closure of the border, I have been getting only two or even one client per day,” says Ms Joan Nakiyonga, manager of a popular hotel.

A mobile money business dealer who exchanges Uganda-Rwanda currency dubbed the situation at the terminal tense saying she no longer work due to lack of business.

Rwanda is accusing Uganda of harassing, arresting, imprisoning and torturing its citizens as well as blocking its exports.





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