Workers of the Zimbabwean Embassy in Mozambique in strike

Workers of the Zimbabwean Embassy in Mozambique in strike

By Arnaldo Cuamba

Some workers at the Zimbabwe embassy in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, suspended on monday their activities to demand three months’ salary arrears.

According to the workers, the most aggravating factor is that the problem of delayed wage payments has lasted for three years and has never been clarified as to what exactly is happening.

“This is not a thing of today” one worker said in anonymity. “For three years we have borne the delay but today we decide to say enough”.

In addition to the wage increase and arrears, protesters say they have not received medical assistance from the Embassy, ​​and each of them has to look for these services in a particular way.

The Zimbabwean embassy in Maputo promised to comment on the case in due course.

The strike coincides with another call in Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions that disagrees with the 150% increase in fuel prices to get the import value of this product that is scarce in the country.




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