President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Launches the Political Actors Dialogue To Address Long Term Economic Challenges

By Nevson Mpofu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Harare-The President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa on the 17th of May on Friday launched the Political Actors Dialogue in the capital city, Harare at an International Conference Centre. Twenty one Political Parties have vehemently sworn in an oath to pledge for Peace, Unity and solidarity in jointed hands of Solidarity.

Introducing the Guest of Honour to give the main speech at the thousands party supporters. VIPs, Captains of Industry, Civil Society members, CEOs, Directors and the general public thronged venue, Kembo Mohadi the Vice President said the Launch is a sign for peace to prevail despite political differences.

‘’I stand to introduce a political personage of high quality figure in Zimbabwean politics. He is a man who has always prayed for peace in this country. We meet to address our mess. We mess with the mouth and then solve with the same mouth. We meet to solve political outstanding differences because we want to make stand a Nation’’.

In his salutation Mohadi pledged as well for peace before he rose up the President to deliver the Key Note Address.  President Mnangagwa , He reiterated the need for Peace of Mind in the mind of people who need to dialogue so as to address the mess which Kembo Mohadi emphasised well as a vital point of oneness  spirit in all political parties .

‘’Let Me first start by calling for positive engagement, peaceful discussion, mutual agreement towards values of social cohesion, unity and togetherness. This is however a Landmark development of long live History in the 2nd Republic of Zimbabwe. It is in the sense that it has to do with solving the social, Economic and political challenges we still have.’’

‘’The peaceful discourse is a gathering meant to improve on Democracy and Culture of which are the two aspects which solve the challenges we come across every day. As stakeholders in nation building, we have to guarantee the Peace Pledge done before last year’s General Elections.  Still today, we come to lay our hands for that Peace to prevail on and on’’.

President Mnangagwa said with peace there is no doubt that the country will succeed on the Transitional Stabilisation Program. He added that the program is meant to push for Zimbabwe become an Upper-Middle Economy by 2030.

‘’Re-Engagement for National Development is the only way-forward to stabilise the Economy. However, we have a Stabilisation Program again from 2020 that will buttress the current program of Economic stabilisation for Economic Growth and Development.’’

The last part of his Key Speech touched on Devolution which he said is meant to rise the Gross Domestic Product starting in rural areas in the Provinces. He said Provincial Economies can only come to be strong through advocating for Peace and Unity.

‘’We are all ready for Devolution to kick- start .Provincial Economies only stand strong as we build the Nation in a shake hands of peace and unity . The Gross Provincial Product is the pinnacle that hold Economic Growth and Development. We have however as a country to stamp out corruption. Secondly the need to foster Youth Inclusion will make us move on’’, He concluded.

The Launch drew close to 10,000 people. It was attended by several groups of political party Leaders , Service Chiefs , Captains of Industry , Parliamentarians , Government Ministers , Non—Governmental Organisations , Media , the UN and the Islamic Society of Zimbabwe .




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