Nelson Chamisa

Zimbabwe:Chamisa , MDC Alliance Planning Bigger Demonstrations to force meaningful Talks with Government

By Nevson Mpofu

Nelson Chamisa
Nelson Chamisa

Harare—-Political demagogue Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance Party says the party is geared for more but peaceful demonstrations to push ZANU PF into a dialogue. Chamisa believes his dialogue is the only panacea to Zimbabwe’s ailing economy.

Speaking in Harare at a Public Lecture marking the death of Morgan Tsvangirai founder and first President of MDC, Chamisa who stalled last week‘s dialogue said the talk was childish and meaningless .

‘’We are planning for more nasty and bigger demonstrations to bring  Mnangagwa on the table for  better understood  talks .Last week’s talks were just childish and immature . I found it hard to attend a meeting like that. The atmosphere of it lacked a true picture of sanity to talks meant to solve problems the country is facing currently.

He also pointed out that what made him angry is that ZANU PF stole the 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections held on 30 July. Chamisa claims with no evidence on ground that ZANU PF stole the election.

‘ZANU PF stole the tightly contested election which I won without any doubt. Still they have failed to make it. People are in hardships. We are going to demonstrate peacefully. The push is to make talks move on’’.

Chamisa also reiterated that Tsvangirai died not a happy man. He said this was because of ZANU PF people who are fond of cheating, stealing and manipulating elections. He distances himself as the main trouble causer making everything difficult.

‘’Tsvangirai died not happy. Still MDC is not happy. I am not happy because of what happens every election time. There is no election our party has ever lost. All of them were stolen’’,

‘’Our next demo is peaceful and calm. The whole country is MDC Alliance dominated. We are going to make it a push by the whole country at State House ‘’,

‘’Lastly if talks are well orchestrated, yes, I will take part and get into those talks. The problem is they want to manipulate all systems thinking they are cleverer than others.

’’Lastly, I have to see the venue. It must be a venue that has the serenity for everyone. I do not just decide, yes, go there and take home what I get.’’ he said in conclusion.





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