Grace Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Assaults Domestic Worker

By Prince Kurupati

Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

Former First Lady in Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe has found herself in hot soup after it emerged that she beat one of her female housekeeper with fists and a shoe.

According to a High Court application filed by the former housekeeper, Grace Mugabe used bare fists and a shoe to attack her. The attack took place at the luxurious Mugabe residence better known as the Blue Roof Mansion.

The applicant Shupikai Chiroodza in her application claimed that the assault took place after the former first lady had accused her of ‘milking’ the former president Robert Mugabe. In her defense, the applicant states that she only received funds from Robert Mugabe as a wedding present.

Shupikai Chiroodza’s application also cites other issues besides the assault. Notably, the applicant is also contesting her unfair dismissal by Grace and the Civil Service Commission. Chiroodza was employed by the Civil Service Commission to serve in the Office of the President and Cabinet under the State Residences department, as a housekeeper at State House. After a few years she was transferred to the Mugabe’s Blue Roof Mansion where she was promoted to the position of Comptroller before her dismissal.

Chiroodza in her application states that she wants to be reinstated to her old job and to enjoy the full benefits including those that she would have enjoyed if she hadn’t been dismissed. The application states that the applicant was unfairly dismissed in May 2017.

In the application, the applicant was assaulted after she approached the Civil Service Commission seeking to understand why she was being dismissed. Before she could get a clear answer as to why she was being laid off, the applicant received a message from her employer stating that the first lady wanted to see her. Upon her arrival at the Mugabe house, the applicant came face to face with a clearly angry Grace Mugabe. She was instructed to enter inside one of the rooms and it is inside this room that Grace started to beat her with bare fists asking in the process ‘who she think she was’. After some minutes, Grace removed one of her shoes and started beating her until blood started gushing out of her forehead, mouth and nose.

The applicant couldn’t do anything to stop the assault as she was afraid of the visibly angry Grace Mugabe.

The assault only stopped when some visitors arrived at which point Grace stated that ‘get away from here, had it not been for my visitors who have arrived, I wanted to kill you. If I hear you told anyone or report anywhere, I will definitely kill you’. The applicant was asked to return back the money she was given by Robert Mugabe as a gift and told to return back the car she was using.

The matter is filed under case number HC3310/19.




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