1. samson mekonnen

    lets unite africans through african union. we only the young blacks who can decide africas fate.

    • Young Africans. Do not forget others Africans of Indian, European etc origins
      We all pull together. Make Africa greatest Continent in the World.

      Let us keep eyes on our leaders and keep them on their toes, see that they work for good of people and not for their Bank accounts.

      Let us expose neopotism

      • sunil alhori

        please support the african national congress or african union keep it live as nelson mandella fought till today,please try to get most educated so you can take your possesion in goverment which today in africa is being controlled by,french,british and dutch no african country is without their support try to take support from india,middle east,china are developed and developing countries,try to be honest and do clear dealing and business
        suniel lahori

    • sunil alhori

      dear young blacks of africa
      you can decide about the fate of africa ,only when you make your mind to fight against corruption in your country,africa is acountry blessed with best natural sources of the world,but due to your corrupt goverment the whites are controlling your country and will never allow you to come up because they will never develop,schools colleges in your country,because if you are educated you will fight against the goverment,so best of luck to you
      suniel lahori

    • As Africans we need to have a vision and a mission for our continent to make it a “Safe Heaven” for all Africans

  2. its a great topic. I think, our problem rely on inability to think that we can do something without outsiders inference.

  3. augustin ntambiye

    To me idon’t think that young africans can fight corruption because they are not given chances to participate in such governments.

  4. There isn’t only one equation to be solved if Africa is to be developed, but i can assure you that there is only one spirit to be adopted if prosperity is what we seeking, that spirit is the spirit of unity amongst all African in the continent as well as in the diaspora.

  5. Kanyiso Gwarubana

    Unity of Africa is a must resolve of our young generation of leaders.Amandlaaa

  6. Agook Mayek

    By any means necessary, Africans must collectively work for the progress of Africa!

  7. Yes, unity is important but we need the government on the side of the people – assist with economic empowerment.

  8. Enid Keren

    A people united are definitely of greater impact in raising a voice because unity is power….That is what Africa needs to fight not only the evil of corruption, but also other injustices that hinder development.

  9. As Africans, we must be able to tell our own story. Pan African Visions is a great information avenue. Keep it up.

  10. Dear All Subscribers

    Thanks for letting me join. At the end of the day, every country has developed with the participation of people of diverse cultural backgrounds (please name a country where no foreigners have settled/lived/participated). So I want to be a part of African development – to the extent African/Africans need (or want) me.

  11. Aaron Kaah

    The pan African Visions is Africa’s best mouth piece!

    Your are our Champions

    Keep going!!

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